UCF Business Incubator – The Result


A few week ago I made a post regarding the our application to join the University of Florida Incubator, in case you have been following here is the quick recap:

I was asked to go over at the UCF Orlando Incubator offices and pitch my start up to them, it was a very interesting meeting which gave the opportunity to validate as well as bring into questions some concerns which I overlooked. During the presentation they gave some really great advise. I honestly need to begin asking permission to record these meetings as so much information is given and I am afraid that some of it lost.
A few days after my meeting I was informed that my meeting with the business research guys went good and they gave the incubator their blessing on-boarding us, however the big boss still had to approve.
In the meantime as we waiting for final approval from the big boss, I was invited to start working out of the UCF Incubator in Kissimmee, an offer which I gladly accepted, as traveling to Orlando at the co-working location took a least 3 hours away from my day. In the other hand commuting to Kissimmee is only about 30 minutes or so, hey it beats 1 1/2 hours being stuck in a car.
Everyone is really nice at the incubator and I made a couple of friends, really smart people too.
I must have worked out of the conference room for about one week before I heard the final veridic. We were finally given the go ahead from the big boss. We’ll still have to take a mandatory course once it starts up in a few months, but at least we were accepted.

As I write this blog post our office in Downtown Kissimmee is almost completely setup. Still missing a couple of chairs and one or two additional desks, but it’s a miles better than my previous setup.

I will post some pictures once I get hid of some furniture boxes that I still have laying around the place.

If you are in the greater Orlando area I definitely advise applying for the UCF incubator program, everyone here is great and very supportive.

Now off to building a killer team of engineers, I meet some really capable folks today, but that’s the story of another post, so stay tuned.