Startup – How Not to Start a Startup Company


Find out How Not to Start your dear Startup

This is it, I have set in motion what will hopefully be a grand endeavor by starting my very own startup. Since there will probably be lots of mistakes made in the near future, I figure I’d document them here for your benefit.

If you’re like me, then you probably have an idea or ten in your head that it’s been fermenting away and maturing for a long time. My idea has finally reached the boiling point where I can no longer stand not doing anything to bring it to fruition. If I am right this could benefit a lot of people and the guilt of not executing it has been eating me from the inside out.

So it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get to work on building a brand new startup from the ground up.

I’ve officially started my first Start-up Tech company. Alpha Sentinel has been officially registered with the State of the Delaware, also since our main offices are located in Florida I also had to file a form called Profit Qualification That’s just a fancy name for a form that allows a foreign (out-of-state) corporation to conduct business in Florida. I’ve paid the $78.75 for the Filling Fee and Certificate, that’s money well spent in my book specially considering this is a required step by law to do any kind of business in the State of Florida. This is also required to open a business bank account, at least here in Florida, but I suspect that other states have similar requirements.

The reason that the title of this post is “How Not to Start a Startup” is because some would think that I am concentrating on things that ultimately may not matter much if the product/service is not successful. I can see merit in that, however at least, small things like being officially registered in the proper states and opening a bank account triggers in mind a realization that this venture is real, not to mention that it forces me to put my money where my mouth or better yet where my mind is.

Only time will tell, if my decision was right or wrong, I guess it all depends if the company is successful or not.

We’ll find out soon enough as I plan to blog it every step of the way.