Branding – Does Branding Really Matter at the Early Start-Up Stages?


Should you Care about Branding?

On this post I plan to cover a very important question as you may have guessed from the title this post is about if a startup should take a few hundred dollars and have a designer crank out a few logo concepts for them, does branding matter?

It turns out that goes against the Lean Start-up model, as my fellow redditors from /r/startups kindly pointed out when I made a post asking for opinions on our new logo design see:

To summarize, the consensus was that a startup shouldn’t worry about branding at first. There is a lot merit to that train of thought, however, I honestly feel that you only get one chance to make a good impression and I wanted to maximize that, in addition a simple thing like creating an awesome logo increases the perceived value of our product/services and our company.

We all should value feedback, but sometimes we have to march ahead and forge our own path. In this case I calculated the risk and found that for a few hundred dollars (low financial risk) I could increase the perceived value of my business exponentially (benefit) if the company succeeded. If not, I would be out only a few hundred dollars, so the risk here was very low with a high reward possibility, so I decided to go for it. And so far I don’t regret that decision.
You may find that for you and your company the opposite feel right, and in that case I think that you should go ahead and follow your gut feeling.

I hope that this helps all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there and inspire you to go out and take a chance on yourself and your vision and build something truly great.