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Building Your Start-Up Website

I decided to start creating my start-up website, it all seemed simple enough, after all I am tech guy starting a tech company.
Right from the start I know that I wanted a blog, so that I could document the steps which I took to open Alpha Sentinel, so my first order of business was to create that. Obviously the very first thing one needs to do is to make sure that the domain name of your company is available, while you’re at it go ahead and also make sure that it is not trademarked too, you can check here USPTO Trademark Search.

Here is a recommendation on how to get a website going for your company.

  1. Check for domain name availability and register the domain (I use my hosting company for this:
  2. Sign up for a hosting plan, personally I like to use
  3. Download a nice bootstrap theme and install the coming soon page see mine here:
  4. Customize the coming soon page and add a timer when you full site should be ready, I have set mine for 2 months from now just to be safe, this will allow you time to work on the full site.
  5. Add a email form to collect email address of people that maybe interested in your products/services, while you’re at it put a note regarding open opportunities at your company. (This is slightly more complicated, you need 3 things: 1. front end code that display the form, 2. a Javascript that validates the input given and 3. the backend code that send an  email or updates a list somewhere.)
  6. Install WordPress and your blog theme of choice, this blog runs on X theme, which I love.
  7. Customize your blog to your liking, don’t forget those awesome plugins like: Youst (SEO),etc…
  8. Start blogging about your business while you work on the full website as time permits.

Note: It helps if you have a logo for you company so that you can put it on your site, anything that makes your site look professional helps as you business will gain more credibility. I recommend something professionally made by a designer, some people and methodologies such as Lean Startup disagree, but to me it is all about perceived value of my products/services and company,. see my post “Branding – Does Branding Really Matter at the Early Start-Up Stages?” for more information.

It turns out that building a full website is sort like a full time job, so here is how I tentatively decided on how to proceed. I will build the skeletons of the site and then hire someone so that they can dedicate more time on it than I can.